Inspired by the heart-wrenching emotion of film music and the raw power of metal, Oberon has joined the ranks of symphonic metal. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the band released their first EP "All There Is" on May 22nd 2015; an explosive four track journey about loss, redemption and the struggle for meaning in a fallen world. Their second EP "Of Metal and Wheels" was released in December 2016 and the group are looking to the future with an album release on the horizon. 


Band Members

Lisbeth Rowe - Beginning vocal study at age eighteen, Lisbeth came late to music. Studying under Hungarian opera singer Ellie Raab and then with music theatre/classical teacher Clare Heuston, she draws inspiration from the likes of Roy Khan and Cristina Scabbia. Coming from a writing background, she focuses on making stories with her music.

Favourite Song: It changes every day, today it's Dachuur - Two Steps from Hell
Favourite Album: Once - Nightwish
Favourite Film: Pan's Labyrinth
Favourite Food: Salmon
Favourite Hobby: Painting

Goibniu Walton - At age 12, Goibniu began his drumming journey. He soon developed a great interest in extreme metal drumming, and with a name meaning god of metal, he feels compelled and eager to follow in the footsteps of drummers such as Derek Roddy and George Kollias. When not busy with music you can find Goibniu either in the gym, or deep in his own thoughts.

Favourite Song: Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Betrayal
Favourite Album: Nile - Those Whom The Gods Detest
Favourite Film: Inception
Favourite Food: Cheese
Favourite Hobby: Weight training

Lachlan Blackwood - At the age of 4, Lachlan began taking piano lessons. In high school he switched focus to drums and was introduced to heavy metal by his teacher Ben Pakula, a multi-instrumentalist who offered to also teach him guitar and bass. He began writing songs in various high school rock bands and went on to study composition at university. Since graduating, he has put together his own home studio where he records and composes for films and independent musicians.

Favourite Song: Machine - Born of Osiris
Favourite Album: Dark Passion Play - Nightwish
Favourite Film: Reign of Fire
Favourite Food: Bobotie
Favourite Hobby: Reading mostly bad but occasionally good fantasy

James Devlin - Coming from a background in jazz and audio engineering, James has always been passionate about metal. He released an album with Sydney prog metal band Ex Curia in 2013 in which he performed vocals and produced the album. A frequent member of many different musical scenes, James joins Oberon as the bass player. 

Favourite Song: Bleak - Opeth
Favourite Album: (currently) The Dear Hunter Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise
Favourite Film: The Fifth Element
Favourite Food: Moroccan Tagine
Favourite Hobby: Music IS my hobby